Did You Know....

Did you know Right of Way Permits are required to be obtained from the Town of Milliken when:

  1. Construction is being performed in the Right-of-Way.
  2. When parking a Roll Off Dumpster in an alley, easement, or on the street next to your property.

A person, corporation, organization, partnership or association of persons desiring a right-of-way permit shall make application to the Town Clerk.

Public right-of-way  means streets, sidewalks, easements, alleys, curbs, gutters, and all other publicly accessed areas.

Requirements for applying for Right-of-Way permit include but not limited to; Completion of application, sketch of where obstruction will be located, length of placement, and any other information requested from the Town Clerk or staff at (970) 587-4331.  A fee may be applied according to the fee schedule.