Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration Tim Singewald Town Administrator 970-660-5047
Administration Leonard Wiest Project Manager 970-660-5027
Community Development Caree Rinebarger Certified Building Technician 970-660-5045
Building Inspection Services Jonathan Gesick Building Official, ProCode 970-305-3161
Community Development Pepper McClenahan Community Development Director/Planning and Building 970-660-5046
Administration Cheryl Powell Town Clerk/Human Resources/Risk Management 970-660-5049
Finance Michelle Montoya Accounting Technician 970-660-5044
Administration Ty Stewart Administrative Assistant 970-660-5050
Finance Courtney Diller Finance/Accounting Manager 970-660-5048
Administration Tami Burns Administrative Assistant 2 970-660-5043
Court Margie Demers Court Clerk 970-660-5015
Police Department Benny Garcia Chief of Police 970-660-5012
Public Works Scott Klemm Streets, Utilities & Facilities Director (970)-660-5032
Parks, Trails and Open Space Keith Staggs Parks Director (970)-587-4331
Court Silvia Martinez Community Court Manager (970)-660-5021
Seniors Kathy Kindsfather Senior Coordinator & Special Events 970-660-5040
Police Department Gale Amaya Administrative Assistant (970)-660-5010
Finance Wade Nickerson Finance Director (970)-652-4987