Licenses & Permits

When starting a business here in Milliken, it is important that you obtain a business license in order to legally operate and maintain your business. 

So let's start here by accessing the State and the Town's business licensing processes. Please refer to the links below to find all of the information you may need. 
Here at these two links, you can access the business license application information for the Town of Milliken:

Town of Milliken Business License Application Information (Also Available in Spanish)

Town of Milliken Blank Business License

Town of Milliken Contractors Licenses 
Here you can find great information from the Secretary of State's Office on starting a business in Colorado:

State of Colorado, Secretary of State
Here you will see information from the Colorado Department of Revenue that gives you all of the forms and publications necessary to be fully aware of and acquainted with the State's guidelines for tax information, auto industry information and a variety of other useful tools and information:

State of Colorado, Department of Revenue
Here is the portion from the Town of Milliken's Land Use Code that states everything you need to know about starting and operating an occupation and/or business from your home:

Starting a Home Occupation
Here is the Town's ordinance on door-to-door sales and solicitation:

Door-to-Door Sales

Department Contact
Caree Rinebarger, Town Clerk & Planning/Building Technician
(970) 660-5045  *