Town Administration

Town Administration consists of the Town Administrator’s office, Finance and Human Resources. The Clerk's office also is apart of Administration. The Administration works at Town Hall and are available during normal business hours (Monday through Friday; 8 AM – 5 PM).

The Town Administrator oversees all Town government projects, ensuring quality and efficient services are provided. She facilitates staff information provided to the Town Board, while they review situations, projects and questions addressed in and out of Town Board meetings. 

The Administrator ensures all duties coincide with Milliken’s statutes and are executed professionally. It is her responsibility to make sure cost-effective and high-quality programs and services are provided to Milliken residents. In an effort to have a sustainable local economy, the Administrator works with Town departments to maintain infrastructure.  she develops a skilled workforce to provide exceptional Town customer service. Finally, she ensures economic vitality in primary sector jobs, business activities and works with other government agencies common goals, described by Milliken’s Town Board.

 The Administrator is appointed by the Town Board as the Town’s chief administrative officer. Her role is to enforce local laws and assure sound fiscal and operational Town practices.

Finance focuses on the Town’s financial functions which include the Town’s budget, accounts payable & receivable, the annual audit report, cash receipts, debt insurance, finance policies & procedures, fixed assets, general accounting & reporting, grant administration, payroll, treasury & investment functions and utility billing. In addition to these financial capacities, the department also is responsible for utility assets and expenses which include water, sewer and storm drainage.

Human Resources ensures that current and future workplace knowledge, skills, abilities and performances are understood and executed to match Town requirements. This department increases productivity, workforce flexibility and employee commitment. Human Resources recognizes and resolves performance deficiencies and makes a strong effort to have minimal organization employee turn-over. It also ensures safe workplaces and meets regulatory requirements. Organizational development, employee training and recruitment are the primary duties of the department.

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