Public Works

 There are six divisions in Public Works which include:Public Works Building

  1. Administration
  2. Streets, Alley & Storm Drainage Maintenance
  3. Water & Wastewater System Maintenance
  4. Water & Wastewater Treatment
  5. Fleet Maintenance
  6. Parks Maintenance & Recreation Services



Public Works and each of these divisions provides a diverse range of important services to the community. Many of these services are provided behind the scenes and may go unnoticed until there is an interruption providing the service.

These services include:Men at Work. Installing a drainage pipe.

  • Maintaining Town streets, alleys, unimproved roadways, drainage and storm sewer systems.
  • Maintaining the Town's water and sewer infrastructure.
  • Operating the Town's water and sewer treatment systems.
  • Assuring that all water quality EPA standards are met.
  • Removing snow and ice, during the winter season.
  • Maintaining the Town's parks, lakes and trails.
  • Providing vehicle and equipment maintenance services for Town vehicles.
  • Planning, directing and maintaining Town recreational programs.
  • Maintaining the Town's swimming pool.
  • Installation and maintenance of street and roadway signage.