Fireworks Prohibited

Fireworks Prohibited

With New Year's Eve approaching we wanted to pass on some information regarding fireworks:

Except as provided in sections 24-33.5-2003, 24-33.5-2004 and 24-33.5-2006 and 24-33.5-2001 Permissible Fireworks C.R.S.

It is unlawful in the Town of Milliken for any person to offer for sale, expose for sale, sell or have in his or her possession with intent to offer for sale sell use or explode any fireworks.

Fireworks that are airborne, or which explode, or fragment are strictly prohibited.

Examples of illegal fireworks include fire crackers, bottle rockets, cherry bombs, M-80's and Roman candles. There will be zero tolerance, those in violation will be cited and the fireworks will be confiscated.

Don’t risk injury or fire, leave it up to the professionals. Please do not hesitate to call the Milliken Police Department if you have questions regarding fireworks (970) 587-2772 ext. 5012

Fountains, cylinders, sparklers etc. are permissible.