Water & Wastewater Department

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Water Mission

The Town of Milliken Water Department's mission is to provide the community with the best possible service at the lowest cost. The Water Department maintains the hydrants and valves. The distribution system is maintained by the flushing of hydrants and mains yearly. The Town has an extensive replacement program. The Town provides water to its residents with a .720 MGD reverse osmosis water plant. The Town also purchases its water from the City of Greeley and North Central Weld Water District.

Wastewater Mission

The Town of Milliken Wastewater Department mission is to provide the community with the best possible service at the lowest cost. The Wastewater Department maintains the collection system by jetting the sewer mains once every four years. The Town also TV's a portion of the system every year. The Town has an extensive rehabilitation program. Wastewater treatment is taken care of at the Town's Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is a Aeromod Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Water Rights & Water Usage

The Town of Milliken water portfolio has been planned such that we have three sources for treated potable (drinking) water.  A portion of the Town's water is treated by Central Weld County Water District and connects to the Town's distribution system on the south side of Town.  Another portion of the Town's water is treated by the City of Greeley and is connected onto the Town's distribution system from the north.  Both of these providers utilize the Town's Colorado-Big Thompson (C-BT) shares.

The newest water supply is the well and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Facility, owned and operated by the Town.  The RO Facility has been producing water since January of 2004.  This water source has been able to provide nearly 30% to 40% of the Town's water needs so far this year.  The water well is covered under the Town's Substitute Supply Plan, and Augmentation Plan which is being processed by the State of Colorado.

The Town currently owns shares in the following water rights: C-BT, Seven Lakes, Greeley & Loveland Irrigation Company (GLIC), and Consolidated Hillsboro.  As the RO Facility proves its effectiveness for the Town's water production, other irrigation water may be useful for augmentation of well depletions.  The following irrigation shares have been analyzed by staff and found acceptable for augmentation purposes: Consolidated Hillsboro, Big Thompson & Platte River Ditch, and Bee Line.  Additional irrigation water may be of value to the Town and staff continues to update the list of irrigation water that can be used effectively.

 You'll find Water Quality Reports in the Document Center

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