Application Process

Milliken uses the same application for all of its development submittals.  The process is basically the same regardless of the application.  
Land Use Application

This is what you, as the applicant, will need:

  1. Land boundary survey, showing the parcel(s) requested for development;
  2. Proof of land parcel ownership;
  3. If you are acting as the property owner's agent, an owner's affidavit is required and included in the application;
  4. Development fee and deposit and the schedule is included in the application;
  5. One set of mailing labels and printed list for surface property owner's within 300 feet of the parcel(s) outer boundary lines with affidavit. 
  6. One set of mailing labels and printed list of the mineral rights owners and ditch companies within the 300 foot radius too with affidavit; and
  7. A pre-application meeting with a planner, which can be scheduled by calling 970-660-5046.

After the pre-application meeting, where the planner explains the process for review and approval and how to proceed, the planner writes a legal notice for publication in local newspaper, The Johnstown Breeze.  The legal notice is used to notify all property owners, ditch companies, and any other affected parties of the administrative, Planning & Zoning Commission, and/or Town Board public hearing dates required for review and possible approval of the application.

Generally, the public hearing will be scheduled 30 days from legal publication in the paper.  Legal notices will be sent to neighboring properties owners, mineral rights owners, ditch companies, referral agencies and Town staff such as the School District who may have an interest and/or be affected by the development.  Comments are obtained and staff writes a staff report based on findings of fact for the public hearing(s).

The public hearings are held on Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m. and the applicant needs to appear to provide an overview of the application and answer any questions.  The Planning & Zoning Commission meetings are the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month and the Town Board hearings are the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.  Staff will also be present to help the applicant with the formal hearing process and answer questions that the Commission or Board may have regarding the application too.

After approval of by the Commission or Town Board, an appeal period exists. The Board's decision is typically not official until 30 days after date of publication of approval.

Again, staff will help you through this process.  We understand that it can be quite intimidating.  Please do not hesitate to call with any questions before and during the process.

Department Contact
Pepper McClenahan, AICP, Community Development Director
(970) 660-5046

Caree Rinebarger, Town Clerk & Planning/Building Technician
(970) 660-5045  *