Mission Statement

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he purpose of the Police Department is to provide for the safety and security of the community by upholding democratic values, behaviors, and abiding by constitutional safeguards. All 
officers will abide by the canon of ethics promulgated by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and as adopted by the Police Department.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Police Department is to enhance the quality of life within the Town by working closely with citizens in the development and delivery of professional police services.

Core Principles
The Department Principles and Values are the most fundamental beliefs by which the department operates and provides services to the community. These principles and values serve as the basic foundation on which all services are provided. The principles and values serve as guiding beacons for determining a course of action when specific procedures are not available.

The Core Principles of the Police Department are:

  1. Community Policing
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Teamwork & Cooperation

       Department Values

The Department values set forth our philosophy of policing and our commitment to the community.

A.      We respect life.
B.      We believe in and respect Constitutional safeguards, laws and democracy.
C.      We will involve the community in all policing activities that directly impact the quality of life.
D.      We believe that while crime prevention is our primary goal, we should vigorously pursue those who commit serious  
E.      We are committed to treating everyone with courtesy, respect and fairness at all times.
F.      We are committed to managing our resources in a careful and responsible manner.
G.      We believe our employees are our most important assets and will seek their input into matters that impact employee
          satisfaction and effectiveness.
H.      We actively recruit and hire the best people; we recognize and reward good performance; we train our people to reach 
          their potential.
I.       We will maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in all our actions. We are committed to meeting 
         professional policing standards for the organization.
J.      We value diversity in the workplace and community.
K.     The Police Department leads by example.