Community Court

What is a Community Court?

Community Courts primarily address “quality of life” crimes, such as petty theft, vandalism, graffiti, curfew and truancy etc. With community boards and the local police as partners, Community Courts have the bifurcated goal of solving the problems of the defendants appearing before the court, while using the leverage of the court to encourage the offenders to give back to their community in compensation for the damage they and others have caused.                  

About the Community Court 

The Milliken Courts Access to Justice Program is dedicated to educating the public about the court system and removing barriers to justice for Milliken residents through community outreach and education. The Courts  outreach programs, help empower communities and ensure equal access to justice. The Community Courts educate juveniles and their parents on available resources.


Court Clerk Natasha Psenicka at  970-660-5015

Court Manager Silvia Martinez at 970-660-5021