Clerk's Office

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Town Clerk’s Office is to provide customer service to citizens, elected officials, and staff in the form of information, ordinances, resolutions, minutes and record keeping protecting the Town’s interest through communication and public education.

The Town Clerk’s Office provides support many functional areas within the Town of Milliken.

  • Clerk to the Town Board – This function provides general support to the Town Board; preparing agendas, attending, recording and composing minutes for Town Board meetings.  The Clerk also processes legislative actions such as ordinances and resolutions; and maintaining the Town’s Municipal Code.
  • Elections – Elections administration involves everything from voter registration to administration of the election.
  • Liquor Licensing – Liquor licensing involves everything from accepting liquor license applications to processing the applications. 
  • Business Licensing – Business licensing involves issuing the initial business license for vendors doing business within the Town of Milliken and sending out renewals for the licenses each year.
  • Dog Licensing – The Town requires that all residents license their dogs.  This license is renewed annually.
  • Records Management – The Town Clerk’s Office is responsible for Records Management for the Town of Milliken.  
  • Human Resources – This function is responsible for everything from job descriptions, employment advertising, scheduling interviews and benefits.
  • Risk Management – This function is responsible for the Town’s Property and Casualty and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.