Building Inspection Services

 Our purpose is to enforce, at a minimum, the Codes, Rules and Regulations as adopted and set forth by the Milliken Town Board of Trustees to protect the Health, Life Safety and General Welfare of the residents of the Town of Milliken.

The Town of Milliken contracts out our Building Inspection Services.  The contracted company will act as the Town's Building Official, complete plan reviews, inspections and other duties as need.  Our current contract is with:

Please call 970-305-3161 for General Building Inspections.
Please allow for 24 hours notice
For online inspection requests, go to ProCodes Inspection tab or click on link.

For Residential and Commercial Certificate of Occupancy (CO) Inspections call, 970-660-5045 
Allow up to a week for Final Certificate of Occupancy.
Pre-final inspections are encouraged.

ProCode, Inc Holiday Schedule

Department Contact
Caree Rinebarger, Town Clerk & Planning/Building Technician
(970) 660-5045  *

Pepper McClenahan, AICP, Community Development Director
(970) 660-5046