2020 Census - Together We Count!


Census forms are arriving in your mailboxes and the Town of Milliken wants to strongly encourage you to complete the paper form and mail it, or take less than 10 minutes to complete the report online.  You may also respond by phone. Here are a few reasons to participate and the benefits to the Milliken community

  • Funding opportunities from Federal and State sources rely on census data.
  • Businesses rely heavily on census data when choosing communities to locate new facilities.
  • Want a grocery store? How do we attract retail opportunities to Milliken? Census data provides information to companies on consumer numbers (population), their ages and genders which are indicator of consumer spending habits, and other information about our community that is used by business decision makers.
  • Worried about the privacy of your data?  Individual data is locked up by the Census Bureau for 72 years.  Your data is SAFE!

 These are just a few of the great reasons to take a few minutes to complete your census form for your household and for the benefit of your community.  If you have questions or need additional resources, please call us at the Town Hall, or consult the 2020 Census Guidebook at this link: