Schools & Universities

Milliken lies within the Weld County RE-5J School District, which overlooks six schools in Milliken and Johnstown, Colorado. Milliken also is central to three Universities in northern Colorado. Listed below are the six schools within the Weld County RE-5J School District as well as the Universities and approximate mileage from Milliken.

 Weld County RE-5J School District

Weld County RE-5J School District Administration 110 Centennial Dr. #A, Milliken, CO 80543
Letford Elementary School (in Johnstown)
Milliken Elementary School 100 Broad St, Milliken, CO 80543
Pioneer Ridge Elementary School (in Johnstown)
Milliken Middle School 266 S. Irene Avenue, Milliken, CO 80543
Knowledge Quest Academy 705 School House Dr., Milliken, CO 80543
Roosevelt High School (in Johnstown)


University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, Colorado - 14 Miles)
Colorado State University (Ft. Collins, Colorado - 28 Miles)
University of Colorado at Boulder (Boulder, Colorado - 42 Miles)