N. Alice Ave, Cherry St, and N. Beulah Ave Water Line Project

We have been receiving questions about the activity on the Northeast side of town near N. Alice Ave, Cherry St, and N. Beulah Ave. This is a project to replace an old flexible poly water line, that has been repaired on multiple occasions, with rigid pipe. To complete this replacement the Water/Wastewater Department (W/WW) staff first must locate the source of the poly line to isolate it. The line in question does not show on any town water line maps or drawings. A hydrovac trailer is being used to make small excavations along the line to determine its origin and isolate it. This method is preferrable to using heavy equipment. W/WW staff will continue to pursue this line until it can be isolated and replaced. We apologize for any inconvenience this project causes. Once the project is complete all holes will be filled, and roads repaired.

Thanks for your patience,
Don Stonebrink
Town of Milliken
Water/Wastewater Director