Did You Know...

DID YOU KNOW….Garage Sale Signs, Business Signs, Political Signs, etc. are not allowed to be put on put on power poles, street signs, public easements, in the right-of-way, in parks or on private property without permission from the property owner.  For more information see the Town’s Municipal Code below.

Sec. 7-2-20. Posting handbills, posters and placards.
Any handbill, poster, placard, sign or similar painted or printed matter which shall be stuck, posted or pasted upon any public or private house or other building, upon any fence, power pole, telephone pole or other structure, or within any public area, park, street or right-of-way, without the permission of the owner, agent or occupant of the house, or upon any commercial or industrial structure or public property, shall be deemed a nuisance and may be abated as provided in this Chapter, unless the Town has issued an appropriate sign permit. Nothing in this Article precludes the issuance of a criminal complaint.