Milliken Board Online Meetings

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Video Conferencing Etiquette

All Participants should ensure their cell phones are silenced. Even vibrations are picked up by the microphone. The meeting is being recorded.

All Attendees must register for the meeting or sign into their account to participate in the meeting.

All Attendees will be muted upon entry. All Attendees will show up on the Participant list. To request permission to speak, an Attendee must raise their hand by clicking on the "Raise Hand" button at the bottom of the screen. Attendees calling in must enter *9 on your phone and a raised hand will appear on your behalf and be monitored by the host(s). The Mayor will call on the person or phone number that has raised their hand when they are identified to speak, and the host(s) will then unmute that individual.

When the Mayor acknowledges a participant and the host(s) unmutes you, you will need to state your name, address, and your question or concern. Once you have stated your question or opinion a response will be provided, and the host(s) will again mute you once the Mayor has moved onto another question or closed questioning. If you wish to speak another time, you will need to raise your hand again.

It is imperative that Attendees follow directions and maintain meeting decorum. Failure to so will result in the loss of speaking privileges.